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Perfect Polka Dots 


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Perfect Polka Dots 

Written By: Sarah Palin 


• 1 inch round sponge brush (1) 

• Fabric paint (1) 

• Pair of solid color trousers (1) 


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Have you been seeing spots these days? This popular print is making fashion waves on the 
runway and the streets during Fashion Week. We're embracing this cheerful print and 
showing you how to spot it yourself. Take a break from your floral dresses and Parisian 
stripes. This Fall you'll have a new pattern in your closet to boast about. 

What you'll need: 

Pair of solid-color trousers. 

Fabric paint. 

1-inch round sponge brush. 

(If you don't have a round stamp you can make your own by cutting out a small round piece 
of cardboard.) 

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Perfect Polka Dots 

• Spotted! 

• Step 1 - Dab your brush in paint so that it coats the bottom. 

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Perfect Polka Dots 

• Step 2 - Lay your pants flat on a 
hard surface. 

Step 4 

Step 3 - Holding your brush 
vertically apply your paint spots in 
the pattern you desire. 

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Perfect Polka Dots 

• Step 4 - Repeat until your pants are 
covered in spots! 

Step 6 


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